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5 March 2015

Soccer Betting

These past 2 weeks all our big winners took Straight Win bets.

Betting on Manchester United in the English Premier league resulted in big win of R44 000.00 for one of our punters. Another punter put his money on Liverpool to win vs Manchester City and won himself a mind blowing R43 600.00. Our final big winner in the English Premier League won R40 000.00 when he placed his bet on Newcastle.

Our biggest winner in Soccer Betting this week bet on the Qatar Starts League and won R117 040.00.

Other winners in Soccer Betting placed their stake on the English Capital One Cup outright winner, Spain Primera, Ukrainian Premier League and German Bundesliga. It goes to show that betting on soccer with BetXchange could change your life.

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Keith Ho BetXchange Soccer Betting

Keith Ho BetXchange is a licensed bookmaker and betting company that has been in the betting field since 1988, and was rebranded as the current company in 2002. BetXchange prides itself as being the premier sports betting company in South Africa and provides numerous sports betting facilities for a variety of sports and with the most competitive of prices and odds. Soccer betting is one of BetXchange’s most developed sports betting facilities.

Soccer betting can be made both in-store and via our online services. BetXchange’s online betting service is one of the largest and most advanced in Africa. All that’s required is an account with BetXchange. A BetXchange account may be opened up online on our website, and provided with a few personal details an account will be registered in the name of the account holder. Payments to the BetXchange account may be made to one of BetXchange’s following accounts, details of which are offered under the website’s ‘Quick Links’; ABSA Bank, Standard Bank, NedBank, FNB Bank and Capitec. Once an account has been registered, and funds available, then betting may begin.

Soccer betting remains, as always, a simple affair. When betting on soccer online make sure to access our Soccer page by clicking on the soccer link on the sports tab on the left hand side of the home page. Events are categorised on the soccer page according to when the events take place and whether the bets are outright or for particular matches. Outright bets are placed on the teams which the bettor believes will win the tournament by the tournament’s end. Match bets are placed by the bettor on teams which he believes will win the match. Alternatively bets may be placed on whether the match will end in a draw.

To bet on a match simply access a page for either today’s events or current events and the bettor will be presented with an event bar where the two teams are displayed with their odds of winning (either fractional or decimal) as well as the odds of a draw. Other types of bets may be made via the dropdown menu above the event bar which present bets such as ‘First Team to Score’ and ‘Halftime Match’ amongst others. Once the bettor has made his picks a bet slip will be shown to the right of the screen which will allow the bettor to make a stake, and the expected winnings on the stake will be displayed but only paid provided the outcome goes according to the bettor’s prediction. Again, a BetXchange account will be required to place bets on any matches shown on the BetXchange website.

BetXchange also offers a number of promotions in addition to the normal betting. Our Multiple Mania promotion on all of soccer’s major tournaments allows the bettor to qualify for bonuses when placing multiple bets. BetXchange also runs two Superbru pools for both the South African PSL as well as the English Premier League, as well as a pool on the Fantasy Premier League website. A 1st Five Promotion for UEFA and Europa League means that bettors who place bets on those leagues can earn back money lost. The average amount of their first five losing bets will be credited back into their account. BetXchange also provides promotions to those who follow the company on either the Twitter or Facebook page. A Double Up special allows a bettor to double their winnings by placing a bet on both a match’s anytime goal scorer and the match winner.

There are numerous tournaments in which one can bet.

  • The Barclay’s Premier League continues to be the most watched football league in the world, and BetXchange allows you to place stakes on all its matches. England’s BPL is host to 20 teams which play each other twice a season all in order to earn the coveted trophy. The BPL is the regular host of teams like Chelsea FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.
  • The ABSA Premier League is the top tier league in South Africa where all of South Africa’s footballing talent may be found. Teams like Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates make the PSL their home.
  • The UEFA Champions League is considered the most prestigious club competition in the world and only invites those teams that either win or do extremely well in their respective domestic competitions, while UEFA Europa League is host to teams that don’t quite make Champions League but are still considered world class clubs.
  • The Telkom Knockout tournament pits all PSL teams against each other in a knockout tournament which offers a higher chance of upsets and underdog victories.
  • The Euro Cup is a regional tournament whereby all the qualifying European teams play each other in both group stage and knockout in order to claim the coveted position as best international team in Europe.
  • AFCON, like Euro, is a regional tournament, but where Africa shows all its offerings to the world of soccer. Ivory Coast is the current title holder.
  • The FA Cup is the premier knockout tournament in England where teams from the BPL, Championship, League 1 and 2, as well as five other English League tiers compete in a knockout tournament.
  • Lastly, BetXchange offers bets on the illustrious World Cup which showcases the best national teams attempting to become the best soccer team in the world.

Open up your BetXchange account today in order to place your stakes in some of the most well-known soccer tournaments in the world. BetXchange offers odds in many other soccer tournaments as well. BetXchange is South Africa’s premier sports betting company!

Keith Ho has been a licensed bookmaker since 1988. Keith Ho BetXchange was rebranded in 2002. The Keith Ho BetXchange sports book is South Africa's leading
sports betting company and offers specialized and comprehensive Local and International betting on horse racing, rugby, soccer, tennis, golf and motorsport, as well as
extensive in house and online sports betting facilities. BetXchange prides itself in offering clients the most competitive prices available in the world and with the largest
amount of various sports betting options available in South Africa. The In Play betting service that BetXchange offers is the largest in South Africa covering all major
sports and sporting events. Live betting allows you to place a bet as the match is in play.

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