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This week's winners at Betxchage

27 November 2014


The formula 1 season came to a close this weekend. Lewis Hamilton finished the race first and grabbed up the Driver's Championship.

BetXchange saw some big winners who all placed their money on Lewis Hamilton.

Our first big winner took home R68 000.00 after, the second took home an amazing R50 000.00 and the third notable winner bagged R46 000.00

F1 betting is always a favourite among Keith Ho BetXchange punters, look out for our Driver pick next season.

Our team makes a Driver Pick the week of every race this is known as our Driver Pick Promotion. If you back our senior trader's Driver Pick of the week and the driver fails to win but finishes on the podium (2nd or 3rd) your stake will be returned to you.

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Keith Ho BetXchange Motorsport Betting

Keith Ho BetXchange is a licensed bookmaker and betting company that has been in the betting field since 1988, and was rebranded as the current company in 2002. BetXchange prides itself as being the premier sports betting company in South Africa and provides numerous sports betting facilities for a variety of sports and with the most competitive of prices and odds. Motorsport betting is one of BetXchange’s most developed sports betting facilities.

Motorsport betting can be made both in-store and via our online services. BetXchange’s online betting service is one of the largest and most advanced in Africa. All that’s required is an account with BetXchange. A BetXchange account may be opened up online on our website, and provided with a few personal details an account will be registered in the name of the account holder. Payments to the BetXchange account may be made to one of BetXchange’s following accounts, details of which are offered under the website’s ‘Quick Links’; ABSA Bank, Standard Bank, NedBank, FNB Bank and Capitec. Once an account has been registered, and funds available, then betting may begin.

Access the Motorsport betting page by clicking on the Motorsport link on the left side of the home page. Once on the Motorsport events page, events can be accessed by simply clicking on them. Once an event has been accessed a bettor may place his picks on race winners, race positions and many other options. Outright winners to championships may also be chosen. A Driver Pick Promotion on our Facebook and Twitter pages allows a bettor to place his bet on our chosen driver. A race win translates to a bettor win, while a podium finish means that the bettor’s stake is turned. Win-win.

Motorsport events that BetXchange offers bets on are F1, GP 2, IndyCar, WRC, Le Mans, SuperCup, NASCAR, World Touring Cars, DTM, V8 Super, MotoGP and Superbike.

Formula 1 is the premier motorsport event in the single seat auto racing world as high spec motorised chassis are raced around state of the art world circuits. Open your BetXchange account today to place your picks on Formula 1 and other well-known racing championships!

Keith Ho has been a licensed bookmaker since 1988. Keith Ho BetXchange was rebranded in 2002. The Keith Ho BetXchange sports book is South Africa's leading
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