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This week's winners at Betxchage

5 March 2015

Lotto Betting

Betting on the Lotto is a breeze with BetXchange.

One punter hit it big with 4 winning bets this past week, a mere R4 500 on the Double Draw bonus ball won him an astounding R216 000.00. Another Lotto punter bet on the Double Draw Powerball and banked an incredible R163 200.00.

Overall BetXchange gave over R2.6 Million to its lotto bettors this last week alone.

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Keith Ho BetXchange Lotto Betting

Keith Ho BetXchange is a licensed bookmaker and betting company that has been in the betting field since 1988, and was rebranded as the current company in 2002. BetXchange prides itself as being South Africa’s favourite lottery betting company and provides numerous lotto betting facilities for a variety of lotto and with the most competitive of prices and odds.

Lotto betting can be made both in-store and via our online services. BetXchange’s online betting service is one of the largest and most advanced in Africa. All that’s required is an account with BetXchange. A BetXchange account may be opened up online on our website, and provided with a few personal details an account will be registered in the name of the account holder. Payments to the BetXchange account may be made to one of BetXchange’s following accounts, details of which are offered under the website’s ‘Quick Links’; ABSA Bank, Standard Bank, NedBank, FNB Bank and Capitec. Once an account has been registered, and funds available, then betting may begin.

Lotto betting is a simple affair. Access Lotto betting by clicking on the Lotto Lucky Numbers link on the left of the home page. From there a bettor can access any one of our featured Lotto bets. Some of our most prominent lotteries are the South Africa Lotto, the South African Powerball, UK 49s, UK, Irish, Spanish, Greek Lotteries, numerous national Powerball lotteries, and many more!

Straight lottery betting exists in all forms of lotteries with BetXchange as well as Bonus balls where such an option exists. However, there are many other forms of bets that may be pursued with BetXchange in addition to the normal betting.
Total Value bets are a popular form of lottery betting. The bettor, in this case, will bet on the total value of the lottery balls and predict into which category the total will fall. Each category of totals is given particular odds by BetXchange. Bettors may also bet on the total value being either an odd or even number. Individual ball betting has also become increasingly popular whereby bettors predict an outcome of a particular ball. Hi/Lo betting is when a bettor places a bet on each of the lotto balls either being a hi (25 and over) or lo (under 25). The same bet applies for Odds and Evens, but in this case bets on each ball being either odd or even. Bets on the Lotto bonus ball is also popular whereby a bettor can predict the actual bonus ball value. Alternatively they can place a hi/lo bet on the bonus ball, or place a bet on whether the bonus ball is a single number or not (1-9). Similar bets are also available for the various Powerball lotteries as well as the first ball and last ball in lotteries. A Powerball bet called the double bet allows a bettor the smallest of lottery odds to win huge amounts. The bettor selects between one and three main numbers as well as the predicted Powerball. If, however, the bettor chooses a single ball incorrectly, they lose their bet. Bettors may also make combination bets whereby the bettor chooses up to maximum of eight numbers and then put bets on those numbers combining successfully from singles up to five-folds with the lotto in question.

Once the bettor has made his picks a bet slip will be shown to the right of the screen which will allow the bettor to make a stake, and the expected winnings on the stake will be displayed but only paid provided the outcome goes according to the bettor’s prediction. Again, a BetXchange account will be required to place bets on any matches shown on the BetXchange website.

BetXchange offers the best lotto betting experience. Set up an account today to place your bets with BetXchange.

Keith Ho BetXchange has been a licensed bookmaker since 1988 and underwent a rebranding in 2002. Keith Ho BetXchange is South Africa's leading sports betting company, offering specialized and comprehensive local and international betting on horse racing, rugby, soccer, tennis, golf, cricket and motorsport.
Keith Ho BetXchange has extensive in house and online sports betting facilities with world class sports traders available 24 hours a day to make your betting experience
one to remember. All of the BetXchange staff pride themselves on offering customers top notch service, the most competitive prices available in the world and the widest
range of fixed odds and exotic markets available in South Africa. The In-Play betting service that BetXchange offers is the largest in
South Africa covering all major sports and sporting events. We lead, others follow.

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Copyright © 2014 Keith Ho Betxchange. Keith Ho BetXchange operates under licenses in Gauteng, Free State, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape. National Responsible Gambling Programme Toll Free Helpline: 0800 006 008. No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to gamble. We lead, others follow. All bets taken fall under the terms and conditions of Keith Ho BetXchange.

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